How Saraki’s Wife Revealed the truth On Offa Robbery

The Wife of the Senate President, Toyin Saraki has revealed truths as regards Saraki’s summon and the Offa Robbery incident.

News has it that just yesterday, Bukola Saraki got late to plenary due to a siege that was placed at his home.

Toyin Saraki took to her tweet to clear the air on the statement of the spokesperson of the Nigerian Police that claimed that the vehicles that blocked the road belonged to her.

Recall that the Number 3 Citizen in the country, Bukola Saraki has been implicated and was summoned for the second time to answer questions on the incident, by the Inspector-General of Police.

According to her, “Dear @channelstv @sunrisedailynow I am absolutely flabbergasted by @PoliceNG Jimoh Moshood on TV attempting to claim that these white vehicles that blockaded the road outside our Abuja residence could possibly be “protection provided to the Wife of the Senate President!”

“Firstly I have never received any vehicle from @PoliceNG.”

“Secondly, I believe these vehicles bear a striking resemblance to cars donated by my dear brother @AlikoDangote. I hope DSP Jimoh Moshood can leave me out of this unseemly contretemps. Thank you!”

 “It was bad enough that I was forced to endure a mass invasion of my privacy, with the mis-identification of a guest at a private family occasion, falsely, as one of the @PoliceNG Offa Bank Robbery suspects. The Police did nothing to correct this widely circulated falsehood,” Toyin wrote.

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