Saraki’s DEFECTION  Secret Revealed!
Four years ago, I stood in the shadows of the Three Arms Zone, the symbol of our cherished freedom, democracy and nationhood, and proceeded on a path that redefined the political landscape of our dear country. I severed the tight bond existing between the PDP and my humble self.

It was a hard choice. But the hardest choices in life require not just the strongest wills, but wills made from the strongest of alloys known to man.

That is the first condition of momentous change or else ones spirit would be crushed by forces arrayed against real change. After four years of searching in the wilderness, in spite of all other trauma and suffering visited on me, I have emerged stronger like a metal forged in the cleansing fires of God’s own furnace.

Four years on, still in the shadows of the greatest institution of our democracy, I’ve realized the errors of my ways. But I learned a valuable lesson: that the change we seek is sometimes right under noses. I am back to where I rightly belong, the PDP.

My life has been an unending series of sacrifices. I sacrificed the comfort of my home for the coldness of a strange land as a kid for the type of education my great father felt was necessary to be a leader.

England was difficult, the cold hardened my fragile character and taught me how to adapt and sniff the air for opportunities others might miss.

Today, we want only one thing, to make Nigeria really great for the first time. The APC Change mantra was a false dawn. Sunrise is about to commence, and this time there is no stopping us.

With my guidance, you, my friends, colleagues, brothers, and sisters, would get the country you always dreamed of and deserved.
The new Nigeria would no longer hound you for having offshore accounts in tax havens scattered across the globe. You would no longer be harassed by security agencies for having the foresight to invest your money in real estate in far-flung locations like Malta, London, Dubai, South Africa, America, etc.

Instead of being maligned, your legacy of collecting loans from banks without collateral would be hailed as some of the savviest business deals in the history of our dear republic. That, after all, is the foundation of great capitalist nations like America.

Great Banks like Société Générale of Nigeria would be immortalized, nay, resuscitated with large injection of funds from our common treasury as a symbol of our determination to build bigger and better institutions.

The new Nigeria must be built on freedom and given a roof made of freedom my dear friends.

Friends, colleagues, as I speak to you today, my mind soars high above recalling the dreams our illustrious parents had for us. We are the princes of our land. Our tough upbringing and suffering in educational institutions in far off lands across the sea were some of the paths we had to trudge for the task of leading the country.

Our fathers won’t be happy we didn’t do better than them. They didn’t suffer for Nigeria so that, we, their kids would stand idly by and watch some nonentities take over what they worked hard to hand over to us.

Leadership is our birthright.

Chief Victor Remilekun Fani-Kayode would be turning in his grave that his son is now reduced to social media rants and boasting about the ethnicity of girls he had affairs with. Shagari cannot imagine where he went wrong that his son, Muktar, has never risen above Sokoto politics. Where are the princes from the houses Awolowo and Azikiwe built?

Friends, I had a vision. A vision that the rightful heirs to the thrones of Nigeria would reclaim what belongs to them.

The right to lead a people is divinely bestowed on people like us. That is why the good people of Kwara would follow me anywhere I go just like they did my father.

I urge you all to follow me, and with my faithful army of Kwara indigenes, I shall give you back what rightfully belongs to you. No longer shall we be judged by how much money we have stashed in foreign accounts but by the quality of our surnames and lineage.

Yes! Shout it out in the mashes of Otuoke, the forests of Otta, the hilltops of Minna, the sands of Daura, that come Monday the 29th of May 2019,  we would stand tall with pride and scream, ‘Free! Free at last! By Allah the Merciful, we are free at last to rule as we wish!’

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