R. Kelly’s 14-year-old daughter, Jaya Kelly, is no longer his daughter.
Jaya Kelly is now his son, Jay.
Another big name celebrity’s child has come out as gay. We saw it several months back with Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s eldest child, EJ Johnson — who now stars in a reality show — and soon thereafter Michael Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine, gave more than subtle clues that she is dating a female member of the Syracuse Orange basketball team.
Today, R. Kelly and ex-wife Andrea Kelly’s daughter  has now revealed that she is transgender boy.
The entertainment blogs trolling for scent of big news picked up on Jaya Kelly’s Facebook page, where the teenager, who was born a biological girl, announced that she is a “transguy” and was now living her life and dressing as a boy. Jaya Kelly now goes by the name of Jay.
According to prominent blogs such as SandraRose.com, R. Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea is fully supporting her daughter-turned-son. It is hard to discern how R. Kelly, who has been conspicuously absent from his kid’s life, feels abut the situation. But his lack of involvement in the teen’s life may be providing the answer to that question.

Wonder shall never end

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