What happens in the mind of a person when they decide to undergo a radical change of image? In most occasions, it is not for pleasure. That is, they are usually people who have not had a great time in their lives and want to change, so they do not remember anything of their past in themselves or even have a remiAnder of it... However, there have been such extreme cases of transformation that these people were unrecognizable, literally. Do you want to know who it is that we are going to talk about today? Have you read anything about this person!? Keep reading!
Body modification was already popular in many ancient cultures, and today it exists as a wide range of changes that can make the appearance of your body change completely, including something as small as an ear piercing, or something as exaggerated as a Dermal implant or even removal of the ear. Eva Tiamat Baphhomet Medusa, known to some as "the dragon woman", is included in that extreme category. Do not miss your story!
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