2 Worshippers Stabbed To Death In Mosque – Police
Two worshippers were killed when an unidentified assailant attacked a mosque in Malmesbury in Western Cape Province, South Africa early Thursday.
Provincial spokesperson, Andre Traut said police rushed to the scene and found two worshippers stabbed to death.
Traut said the attacker was shot dead at the scene by police.
Witnesses described the attacker as a foreigner in his 30s.
This was the second attack on a mosque in the country since May. On May 10, three knife-wielding attackers stormed a mosque in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal Province, killing one worshipper and seriously wounding two others.
The suspects, reportedly from Egypt, escaped from the scene before setting the mosque on fire.
No arrest has been made so far and the motivation for the killing is still unknown.
Religious organizations said there was no doubt that the knife attacks had been orchestrated by “terrorists.”
But authorities said they needed evidence to link the attacks with terrorism.

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