Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have shared a historic handshake as they meet on the Singapore resort island of Sentosa
:: The denuclearisation of North Korea and the easing of sanctions on the regime will be on the agenda
:: The US president cancelled the meeting in May only to announce it was back on again days later
:: Kim Jong Un was seen taking a late-night stroll through downtown Singapore the night before the summit
Former CIA chief of staff Jeremy Bash has labelled the positioning of US flags alongside those of North Korea "disgusting", adding that the summit is "not an accomplishment for the American president".
He told MSNBC: "It is a major accomplishment for Kim Jong Un. In fact, the spectacle of seeing the American flags along with the (North Korean) flags as the backdrop for that handshake is really jarring actually to see, to witness.
"In fact, I would say it's somewhat disgusting. It is actually a debasement of the American flag."
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Let's look at the body language between the two leaders as they met for the first time.
Body language expert. Karen Leong, managing director of Singapore-headquartered Influence Solutions, said the first 60 seconds showed both trying to take charge.
"Their handshake seems to be between peers.
"Trump seemed to be very aware of this, that he needed to up the stakes and be seen that he is the leader."
Trump did most of the talking, and Kim appeared to listen, but he also patted the US president's arm, in an attempt to show control.
The US President appeared to lead the way to the library where they held a one-on-one meeting, placing his hand on Kim's back.
Ms Leong said both leaders found it difficult to conceal their nervousness once they were seated. Trump fidgeted with his hands and Kim was leaning and staring at the ground.
President Donald Trump is sounding optimistic about his ability to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program after a lengthy one-on-one meeting with leader Kim Jong Un.
Trump said at the beginning of expanded discussions with aides from both countries that "we will solve a big problem" and "a big dilemma".
He talked about the pair achieving "tremendous success together", adding that "it will be successful. It will be done."
It was hard to hear the president and Kim over the camera shutter noises so it's not entirely clear what he was referring to, but Kim appeared to agree.
Diplomats are currently trying to craft a memo of understanding but Mark Austin, our US correspondent, says discussion around the language in it has been fraught.
Mark Austin in Washington says all the networks are covering the summit in prime time, great for Trump. The first 45-minute meeting wouldn't have been detailed at all - a get to know you conversation. It's about the spectacle, about the fact this photo call has happened.
Kim Jong Un looks incredibly relaxed. Smiling, waving. The US wants this to be a means to an end. For Kim...this is a major opportunity on world stage, gives him huge legitimacy.
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